The Calm Before the Storm

2017 has presented some of the hardest challenges and best opportunities of my life. With all the pain and storms that came my way, I've used it all and transmuted it constructively, in order to be my best self and create some of the worlds greatest music. Everything from losing close friends and very close family members, to being jobless and not having enough money to eat, all the while responding to life as artfully and mindfully as I can. The life in me could have easily been sucked out, but I knew/still know that there's more for me. 

Tomorrow is my first EP release and what it took to get me here has taken enormous strength, faith, and being graced by life. Despite any turbulence, fortunately I am continuously blessed by God thru the people around me and incredible experiences I have. One of those experiences just happened today, when I was on my way to get some food and found myself randomly staring at a big bearded white guy getting out of his Tesla, who happened to be Rick Rubin -- we were going to the same place. I introduced myself and referred him to my music which is coincidentally being released tomorrow. Let's see what's to come; I'm honored and grateful to be here.

It's okay Not to Know

Throughout my life, I have observed that many Christians are so future minded that they have a tendency to overlook the relevance of the present moment. Similarly, I have also noticed people who have a tendency to be detached from experiencing life as it is, due to a "know it all" mentality, where their ideas of life replace what may actually be real. I see these people because I was once this person, too.

It took lots of perceptive change, mentality growth, and ultimately, true life experience to actually see and know things as they are. I had to let go of my box where I crammed in my entire life experience into a few ideas and concepts I had learned and been taught throughout the years. I knew I had to let go of this box because my life was beginning to become bland and dull, as I reshaped every situation in my mind to fit a limited box of ideas and concepts of how life is, instead of allowing life to teach me the truth from moment to moment. There is great danger in this arrogant approach to life - one could miss out on truly living life in its vast richness in exchange for one's own narrow perspective on life. The reason why we tend to think this way is because we want secure from the insecurity of the unknown. Life is dangerous, full of surprises, twists and turns. When one begins to realize how much one actually doesn't know, then he/she is approaching wisdom.

Convincing your mind that you know it all brings you a false security, which one must constantly fight to have as life brings true to us exactly what we imagined as false and false exactly what we believed was true. If a man claims to know ultimate truth, then you can be sure that he is fighting for dear life to keep himself inside the comfort of his own mind's makeshift. This is exactly the battle which made my everyday life unbearable. I was fighting at every moment, trying to understand it as I believed it was, instead of accepting that I don't know life in its entirety, and I must be open to learning a totally new reality. I also began to see that I was outgrowing this box, and that as I let go of it, I began to learn what Life was actually telling me - "Open your mind, there is always far more to receive." Day by day, I let go of what I thought was true in exchange for seeing things new and fresh, as they are in the very moment. I began to discover that life is about seeing things as a child again - with humility, open to all possibilities, excited at the thrill of life and all its unknown depths.

This is the life of joy, rich with experience, where God is allowed to flow in and through the individual. This is the approach to life where the mind is completely focused on the present moment, on what it has to give, and on what one can give to life. Everything that you want can be drawn to you in this moment; and it is only in this moment that you can draw out of life what you desire. Why say, "One day, I'll be with God in heaven, and then things will be better"? God is here with you now! God is everywhere! You can go nowhere where He isn't. God doesn't want us to be caught up in to the future or the past to where we choose not to appreciate Life in all its gifts in this very moment - not even in the least bit! Imagine God graciously extending His hand to you holding the whole world as you overlook it in hopes for something else. Is there not enough beauty and things to be grateful for here? It is also appropriate to be humble towards life and realize that everyday there is more to learn - you will never know it all. This life has everything there is in it - God is here, you are here, others are here... Be present and appreciate the now.

Right Now


We all have the power, choice, and divine gift of changing the world through our interactions with the world around us. It appears that most people tend to want to help bring a positive contribution to whatever it is they are doing, and even to change the world, and leave an inspiring legacy of some kind behind. I believe that this is the Christ within us all, or our inherent Divine nature to want to bless and free what is bound, to want to love and be loved, to want to right what is wrong, and help others in need.

However, it seems as though few people understand how it is they are to change the world. Changing the world is as simple as changing oneself. We must realize that we and all things are connected—magnetically, mentally, emotionally, and in many ways, physically. We are independent beings who play an integral part in creating harmony within ourselves for the sake of the world around us—the Whole. It is from our Creative center that we impact, shape, and influence the things around us. It is as we choose the emotions and mental attitudes of love, forgiveness, peace, patience, and kindness that we heal and bless all that is around us.

So, in changing the world, or anything outside oneself, one must begin within his/herself in a real, felt, and understood way to become the change one wants to see, and in so doing, one is in that moment creating the change one wishes and emanates that newly created life force to affect the outer world in tangible ways and the inner worlds of others in intangible ways.

A happy person will create happiness within others everywhere he/she goes, a loving person will draw out the lovingness inherent in all as he/she interacts with others, a believing person will resurrect the faith in others as he/she expresses her/his trust that all is well, a peaceful person will bring peace to the chaotic places in and outside of others, and an intelligent person will turn the mental wheels in others to create a life of harmony with everyone and with nature. We all have the power to choose and create that which we want in this very moment. It is in this moment where we may experience heaven—that which is already here for those willing to experience it through embodying it.


Do not fear whether or not Creativity will ever reach Its end, there is no such thing. The Creative power wich flows in all and through all is in constant motion, fluid, and ever pressing forth to create something new out from what is. You and I must learn to let go of the past. This may be the hardest thing to do for any human—to leave what we once knew as our safe haven in trust that Creativity will provide a new comfort. Every new place of comfort is worth the loss of the old comfort, given that it is a shift from fear to love, bondage to truth, or from ignorance to enlightenment. All growth must involve change from one comfort to another. Change for most of us is undesirable and, unfortunately, not considered as a possibility. Not only is change always a possibility, but it is a necessary process in the law of nature. As one embraces change and learns to adapt and mold himself/herself around what is True, then this one will find a far more abundant and comfortable way of life in the long runregardless of any initial discomfort, fear, or uncertainty. Until you have reached ultimate peace and comfort through any difficulty, you will continue to be confronted by your circumstances and reality to change for the better. Do not limit who or what you may become. You can and will always improve, grow, and see things more clearly. Trust the internal pulse of universal Creativity—which is always pushing forward, beyond all limits.

The Core


It is not about what you do, rather, it is who you are which determines your reality. If you did the same acts as another who is truly righteous, yet only did them from some ulterior motive, soon the truth of who you really are will be revealed and your unstable reality will crumble along with your empty deeds. However, if you are one who is genuinely, honestly, and humbly doing things outside of your comfort zone and unlike your usual habits in order to improve your character, you will truly manifest what it is you are striving for—because in some way, you already are that which you’ve envisioned. People who are true to what is right—that is, faithful at the core of themselves—do not seek good works for identity validation or self image, rather they simply do what is right on impulse, without excuse or complaint. People who are true to what is good are continuously sowing seeds of goodness in all places at all times no matter the circumstance; and as a result, they attract, build, and maintain such a force of Good that in all they do there is no loss, but goodness flows from them and comes back to them. 

If you think you are a good person, then good, you should; but not because of the things you have done, but simply because of who you are as a divine expression of Divinity. Once you come to see this truth for yourself, by looking deep into who you are—beyond all labels and experiences—you will naturally and effortlessly begin to do works of Good, because you have realized your eternal identity as unified with Goodness. “Just as a man thinks, so shall he be.” —Jesus. Realize who you are. You are one with God.

Welcome to My Blog

Hello! This is where I will invite you in on my beliefs and philosophies, which I will deliver in such a way that you, the reader, may understand and extract whatever it is that will help you along your own journey in life. A great desire of mine is to learn, and along with that desire is the hope to share the knowledge which has and is helping me in my journey to those who are equally ready and willing to learn and apply such knowledge to their way of being for the betterment of their lives, the people around them, and for the world. I recognize that we are all connected as one family—the human race—and so, therefore, I love all as I would love myself. I wish the best for all things created: for our species to thrive and attain the unattainable things this life has hidden away for those who will earnestly seek it out, and for our planet to flourish and live long for the generations to come.

On this blog, I do hope that all will feel accepted and none will be left by the wayside—whether it be by confusion, doubt, or fear of any kind. Therefore, I will be conscious and aware of the sensitivities and predispositions of all who may happen upon these intimate writings of mine. Furthermore, as you may know, I love to write, and if you are ever upon an intimidatingly large blog, I’d encourage you to read it anyway—if it were not important to me it would not have found its way into my mind and onto my blog. I am not the type of writer to ramble, rather, I try my best to convey and communicate heartfelt points in order that people from all backgrounds may understand and relate with, in the most concise and thorough manner as possible.