Welcome to My Blog

Hello! This is where I will invite you in on my beliefs and philosophies, which I will deliver in such a way that you, the reader, may understand and extract whatever it is that will help you along your own journey in life. A great desire of mine is to learn, and along with that desire is the hope to share the knowledge which has and is helping me in my journey to those who are equally ready and willing to learn and apply such knowledge to their way of being for the betterment of their lives, the people around them, and for the world. I recognize that we are all connected as one family—the human race—and so, therefore, I love all as I would love myself. I wish the best for all things created: for our species to thrive and attain the unattainable things this life has hidden away for those who will earnestly seek it out, and for our planet to flourish and live long for the generations to come.

On this blog, I do hope that all will feel accepted and none will be left by the wayside—whether it be by confusion, doubt, or fear of any kind. Therefore, I will be conscious and aware of the sensitivities and predispositions of all who may happen upon these intimate writings of mine. Furthermore, as you may know, I love to write, and if you are ever upon an intimidatingly large blog, I’d encourage you to read it anyway—if it were not important to me it would not have found its way into my mind and onto my blog. I am not the type of writer to ramble, rather, I try my best to convey and communicate heartfelt points in order that people from all backgrounds may understand and relate with, in the most concise and thorough manner as possible.