The Core


It is not about what you do, rather, it is who you are which determines your reality. If you did the same acts as another who is truly righteous, yet only did them from some ulterior motive, soon the truth of who you really are will be revealed and your unstable reality will crumble along with your empty deeds. However, if you are one who is genuinely, honestly, and humbly doing things outside of your comfort zone and unlike your usual habits in order to improve your character, you will truly manifest what it is you are striving for—because in some way, you already are that which you’ve envisioned. People who are true to what is right—that is, faithful at the core of themselves—do not seek good works for identity validation or self image, rather they simply do what is right on impulse, without excuse or complaint. People who are true to what is good are continuously sowing seeds of goodness in all places at all times no matter the circumstance; and as a result, they attract, build, and maintain such a force of Good that in all they do there is no loss, but goodness flows from them and comes back to them. 

If you think you are a good person, then good, you should; but not because of the things you have done, but simply because of who you are as a divine expression of Divinity. Once you come to see this truth for yourself, by looking deep into who you are—beyond all labels and experiences—you will naturally and effortlessly begin to do works of Good, because you have realized your eternal identity as unified with Goodness. “Just as a man thinks, so shall he be.” —Jesus. Realize who you are. You are one with God.