Do not fear whether or not Creativity will ever reach Its end, there is no such thing. The Creative power wich flows in all and through all is in constant motion, fluid, and ever pressing forth to create something new out from what is. You and I must learn to let go of the past. This may be the hardest thing to do for any human—to leave what we once knew as our safe haven in trust that Creativity will provide a new comfort. Every new place of comfort is worth the loss of the old comfort, given that it is a shift from fear to love, bondage to truth, or from ignorance to enlightenment. All growth must involve change from one comfort to another. Change for most of us is undesirable and, unfortunately, not considered as a possibility. Not only is change always a possibility, but it is a necessary process in the law of nature. As one embraces change and learns to adapt and mold himself/herself around what is True, then this one will find a far more abundant and comfortable way of life in the long runregardless of any initial discomfort, fear, or uncertainty. Until you have reached ultimate peace and comfort through any difficulty, you will continue to be confronted by your circumstances and reality to change for the better. Do not limit who or what you may become. You can and will always improve, grow, and see things more clearly. Trust the internal pulse of universal Creativity—which is always pushing forward, beyond all limits.