Right Now


We all have the power, choice, and divine gift of changing the world through our interactions with the world around us. It appears that most people tend to want to help bring a positive contribution to whatever it is they are doing, and even to change the world, and leave an inspiring legacy of some kind behind. I believe that this is the Christ within us all, or our inherent Divine nature to want to bless and free what is bound, to want to love and be loved, to want to right what is wrong, and help others in need.

However, it seems as though few people understand how it is they are to change the world. Changing the world is as simple as changing oneself. We must realize that we and all things are connected—magnetically, mentally, emotionally, and in many ways, physically. We are independent beings who play an integral part in creating harmony within ourselves for the sake of the world around us—the Whole. It is from our Creative center that we impact, shape, and influence the things around us. It is as we choose the emotions and mental attitudes of love, forgiveness, peace, patience, and kindness that we heal and bless all that is around us.

So, in changing the world, or anything outside oneself, one must begin within his/herself in a real, felt, and understood way to become the change one wants to see, and in so doing, one is in that moment creating the change one wishes and emanates that newly created life force to affect the outer world in tangible ways and the inner worlds of others in intangible ways.

A happy person will create happiness within others everywhere he/she goes, a loving person will draw out the lovingness inherent in all as he/she interacts with others, a believing person will resurrect the faith in others as he/she expresses her/his trust that all is well, a peaceful person will bring peace to the chaotic places in and outside of others, and an intelligent person will turn the mental wheels in others to create a life of harmony with everyone and with nature. We all have the power to choose and create that which we want in this very moment. It is in this moment where we may experience heaven—that which is already here for those willing to experience it through embodying it.