The Calm Before the Storm

2017 has presented some of the hardest challenges and best opportunities of my life. With all the pain and storms that came my way, I've used it all and transmuted it constructively, in order to be my best self and create some of the worlds greatest music. Everything from losing close friends and very close family members, to being jobless and not having enough money to eat, all the while responding to life as artfully and mindfully as I can. The life in me could have easily been sucked out, but I knew/still know that there's more for me. 

Tomorrow is my first EP release and what it took to get me here has taken enormous strength, faith, and being graced by life. Despite any turbulence, fortunately I am continuously blessed by God thru the people around me and incredible experiences I have. One of those experiences just happened today, when I was on my way to get some food and found myself randomly staring at a big bearded white guy getting out of his Tesla, who happened to be Rick Rubin -- we were going to the same place. I introduced myself and referred him to my music which is coincidentally being released tomorrow. Let's see what's to come; I'm honored and grateful to be here.